Born for the stage

Hugo has been performing from his very beginnings. Born on the south shore of Montreal, Hugo followed his sister to dance class at 4 years old. He studied dance intensively in varied forms and places: from Hip-Hop to Ballet, from Jazz to Break-Dance, from Montreal to Los Angeles. Yet during those passionate years of training and performing, he knew something was missing.


At 17, Hugo finally found his missing piece when he was accepted at the École Nationale de Cirque in Montreal. There, he was able to learn acrobatically and artistically, pushing himself to become the dynamic performer he had always hoped to be.   He chose Dance Trapeze as his primary discipline, because of the freedom in movement it offers, giving him free rein to fill the stage and the air with his creativity in acrobatics and dance. He also minored in Doubles Trapeze and Cyr Wheel.


During his three years of intensive training, Hugo was selected to perform in the Opéra de Montréal’s « Hansel et Gretel » as well as in a creative collaboration with students from France’s CNAC, which was performed at the Elbeuf Festival in France. He worked with directors Michael Watts and Helène Blackburn in the ÉNC’s annual shows, which were performed at the TOHU in Montréal. He also performed in the show BABEL, directed by Anthony Venisse, in the Montréal Complètement Cirque Festival.


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Hugo Duquette

« I never know where to start ! »